I share insights from workshops, books, and life generally by writing short blogs. You can see a relevant selection below.

  • Is Earth a Karmic Enterprise Zone?
    An extra-terrestrial view of our perplexities When even slightly plausible explanations fail, it’s time to try some which look highly off the wall, so give this one a test flight. It came to me in a dream while on holiday in the wilds of the Pennines. In my experience, dreams are one way that unusual […]
  • Ever wonder about a life beyond this one?
    Book blog: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton Perhaps covid-19 has made many of us reflect about our mortality, and wonder if this increasingly strange world is a preparation for something else. I have long believed that our soul lives long before and after a human lifetime, and this book offers evidence I find persuasive. […]
  • The Wisdom Way of Knowing, by Cynthia Bourgeault
    Practical approaches to spiritual resilience This small, readable book is one of the best guides I’ve found to the principles and practicalities of spiritual resilience. Whilst it’s based on Wisdom teachings within the Christian tradition, Cynthia points out that “no matter which spiritual path you pursue, the nuts and bolts of spiritual transformation end up […]
  • Hope and Resilience in the Climate and Ecological Emergency
    A retreat led by Alan Heeks and Jonathan Herbert Friday Feb 3 – Sunday Feb 5, 2023 at Hilfield Friary, Dorset Using material from the Christian contemplative tradition, from Joanna Macy – a Buddhist and deep ecologist,  and from Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation approach, the group will explore ways to grow through emergency. We will […]
  • A Sufi way to discern reality
    As material reality gets more uncertain and alarming, I have found that using spiritual practices to find my way forward is really helpful. I’ve been exploring Sufi teachings for over 20 years, and want to share a couple of processes which have helped me. So what do I mean by Sufi? It’s an elusive idea: […]