This section shares some of the teachings and processes I have found helpful during many years of exploring resilience and the soul’s journey.

  • Ever wonder about a life beyond this one?
    Book blog: Journey of Souls by Michael Newton Perhaps covid-19 has made many of us reflect about our mortality, and wonder if this increasingly strange world is a preparation for something else. I have long believed that our soul lives long before and after a human lifetime, and this book offers evidence I find persuasive. […]
  • Befriending your soul: starting a dialogue
    There was a time around age 40 when I felt that the interest of life was thinning out: friends from early adulthood were drifting away, my kids were turning into grumpy teenagers, work challenges became samey. However, now I’m in my early seventies, I’ve seen my life getting progressively more interesting for many years. One […]
  • Exploring the Soul’s Journey: Resource List
    A         MAIN SOURCE BOOKS Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. A detailed description, built from hypnotherapy sessions with over 300 clients reporting broadly the same experience. Describes stages in soul development, soul groups and mentors, how a soul chooses a human incarnation, and how it is reviewed after death. Fascinating and inspiring! Testimony of Light by Helen […]
  • Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves
    Is there an afterlife beyond this human one? What is it like? If we knew more about the afterlife, could that guide our human life here and now? This book offers some of the most convincing answers to these questions that I have found. There are two voices in this book: the writer is Helen […]