For much of his adult life, Alan has been seeking to integrate the soul dimension with everyday life, often by unusual combinations of experience, and following unlikely intuitions.

In his twenties, this led him to combine marketing training at Procter & Gamble with Buddhist meditation and Yellow Submarine murals, followed by a year travelling in Africa and India, then a Harvard MBA.

After a successful business career managing building materials businesses, whilst exploring Theravadan Buddhism, in his forties and fifties Alan deepened both inner and outer adventures. Findhorn Foundation became a major inspiration for both, and he explored Sufi, Christian Aramaic, and Celtic teachings. He also founded and co-led three projects which sought to embody sustainable living on all dimensions: Magdalen Farm, Hazel Hill Wood, and the Threshold Centre cohousing community. Learning about resilience from natural ecosystems has been an important thread, see Alan’s website www.naturalhappiness.net.

Alan with a group at Hazel Hill Wood

In recent years, Alan has focussed much of his work on responses to climate change, with the Seeding our Future project creating pilot projects for individuals, communities, and front-line services like the NHS. Exploring the climate crisis and life purpose from the soul’s viewpoint has also been a growing interest.

Alan has led workshops and retreats on a wide range of themes, for many different groups, and has also developed his ideas through several books, as well as blogs and newsletters. Soul Resilience is the seventh and newest website he has set up.