Dear friend,

If you’re reading this, you probably share my interest in exploring life from the soul’s point of view. Welcome! I’ve been exploring resilience for many years, with a sense of urgency since 2015 as the climate crisis and general turmoil have increased. Alongside this, I’ve been deepening dialogue with my soul, and seeking to understand why we are here.

To grow through the stormy times ahead, we need a quantum step up in resilience of many kinds: I believe soul resilience is both vitally needed, and can be raised quite fast. This website invites you to share and contribute to my exploration of what soul resilience is, how to cultivate it, and how it can help us grow through and respond positively to the climate crisis we’re all in.

More specifically, through this website you can explore resources and blogs, events for collective exploration, and the book I’m researching. If you have insights, resources, ideas, questions to offer, please contact me.

What is Soul Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to meet challenges constructively, and maintain wellbeing by learning from them and growing through them. The soul is a piece of eternal divine essence in all humans and other life forms. Soul resilience invites us to explore our challenges to see why our soul chose to be in this life, facing this challenge, and to find soul guidance on how to respond, how to contribute positively, and what our soul can learn from the experience. Soul resilience is an invitation to nourish ourselves, and to embody love, joy and creativity to support ourselves and all around us.


UK groups with Helen White Wolf

Helen is a deeply gifted spiritual healer and teacher, who I have worked with for many years. She lives in New Zealand, but is in the UK to lead some groups later this year.

For more on Helen’s groups, click here.
For more on Helen and her brilliant new book, click here.

Soul Resilience: The Book

Back in 1999 when I started writing my first book, my friend William Bloom told me, “If you’re thinking seriously of writing a book, you’ll find you’ve been subconsciously researching it for years.” That is certainly true of this one, which draws on my experiences and explorations from over thirty years.

To see an outline contents for Soul Resilience, click here. If you’d like to offer any ideas for content, feel free to contact me.


This section shares some of the teachings and processes I have found helpful during many years of exploring resilience and the soul’s journey. To go to this section, click here.


I share insights from workshops, books, and life generally by writing short blogs. You can see a relevant selection here.


Groups can play a vital role in developing soul resilience. As daily life gets more bumpy, we need a deeper sense of fellowship and support, and a group can help everyone in it to find deeper insights, creative ideas, fresh understanding. Whilst in-person groups can go deeper, online groups are more accessible and can go a long way, so both are possibilities. To see what’s on offer, click here.