Groups can play a vital role in developing soul resilience. As daily life gets more bumpy, we need a deeper sense of fellowship and support, and a group can help everyone in it to find deeper insights, creative ideas, fresh understanding. Whilst in-person groups can go deeper, online groups are more accessible and can go a long way, so both are possibilities.

  • Soul Resilience Circle – monthly online group: on October 20 and November 17, 7.30-9pm UK time, you can join an online group to seek and share soul resilience insights. We will explore different ideas of what soul is, and ways to contact it, to find soul guidance about staying positive, connecting with joy, and finding our life purpose in these troubled times. Our aim is to create an ongoing group for people who are already interested in exploring soul perspectives and want to deepen with a small group. If the two pilot sessions are well received, we will continue with a monthly online group. Led by Alan Heeks and Nayyer Hussain, who have been soul friends for over 20 years, and have guided a range of groups. Free of charge. Limited to 8 participants. To book a place or get more info, contact Alan.
  • Soul Resilience Weekend Retreat: How your core self can help you grow through storms, with Alan Heeks and Jane Sanders. This retreat is a chance to explore how the deep wisdom of your soul can help you to stay centred and positive, and clarify your purpose: why your soul has chosen to be here in a time of huge change. Venue: Hazel Hill Wood near Salisbury. Date: Feb 25-27, 2022. Info on the proposed content, see here. If you’d like to reserve a provisional place, contact Alan.
  • Monthly online group – A Sufi Garden: this is a monthly group, on a Wednesday evening 7.30-9.00pm UK time, led by Alan Heeks and Karim Hadden. It offers soul nourishment with chants, body prayer (devotional movement) and meditation, drawn from the Sufi tradition. Limited numbers: if you’d like to join us, contact Alan.
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