The Book


Soul Resilience

How your core self can help you grow through storms

by Alan Heeks

The world keeps getting more uncertain and stormy for all of us. To adapt and thrive, we need a quantum step up in our resilience, and that’s what this book offers you. Alan Heeks gathers thirty years of exploring this theme into a readable, inspiring, practical book. Through soul dialogue you can find deeper wisdom about your life purpose and growth path through these turbulent times. He offers a wide range of approaches to soul resilience, so you can try out and choose what works for you. This book can help you face and respond to issues like the climate crisis which may feel overwhelming, while nourishing your creativity, your joy and your connection with others.



PART I: Soul Foundations

1. Get acquainted with your soul

How to start a dialogue. Finding your own sense of soul. Using sacred space. How Nature guides and mentors can help.

2. Journey of souls: a useful map

Exploring Michael Newton’s mapping of the soul’s journey, including soul clusters, guides, and how souls choose their incarnation.

3. Roses and nightingales: Sufis and soul

Wisdom and delight from Sufi poets like Rumi, Hafiz and Shabistari. Earthly delights as a compass for the divine.

4. Old wisdom for new times

Insights from Jesus, Islam, indigenous teachers and more. Creation spirituality and other maps for soul purpose.

PART II: Nourishing, Discerning: the Soul in a Body

5. Entry shock: help your soul to arrive

Basics of soul-heart dialogues, healing emotional shock. The Wisdom’s Table process. Connecting with the five elements.

6. Nourishing your soul

Our souls have chosen to live in abrasive times, so intense support is crucial. How Nature, meditation, music, play and more can feed your soul. Exploring positive embodiment.

7. Evolving your antennae

How to develop your soul-level discernment, and ways to filter and process impressions so you don’t get overwhelmed.

8. The collective dimension

Soul groups of various kinds can help your individual soul find support, guidance, and a deeper sense of home.


9. Seek your soul’s response to the climate crisis

Ways to meet this crisis from your soul’s perspective. Connecting with Gaia, planetary soul. Reframing, and the gift of loving presence.

10. Resonate or rescue? A different kind of help

Exploring soul-level ways to relieve the suffering we see around us, in humans and other life forms. Maintaining the lifeboat.

11. Perspectives from another planet

Try out this very different view on the crisis on Earth, as seen by spiritual elders from another dimension.

12. Beyond the beyond: life transitions

A soul view of physical death and the life beyond. Ways to prepare for a positive transition.