Sep 012021

If you hope to thrive and grow through your life, not just cope and survive, how will you do this in the stormier times we can see ahead of us? It needs a quantum step up in resilience, and that’s what Soul Resilience could offer you.

Exploring the soul’s journey is one of the best ways I’ve found to navigate my rising anxiety and bewilderment in the last few years. Try sharing my belief that the soul is a piece of wise essence in each of us, whose journey may last thousands of years, and which chooses each human incarnation it comes into.

This belief offers a radical and positive twist in the way you view your current situation. Instead of feeling you’re a victim of random challenging events, try asking your soul, Why am I here? In other words, dialogue with your soul about why it chose this life you’re in, and what it wants to learn, experience, or do in its time here on Earth with you.

You may ask, why would a soul choose a life with severe covid, or as a refugee? The best answer I can offer is this: I believe there are many more dimensions or aspects to life than the few we perceive, and from a bigger, soul perspective, there can be positive reasons. Viktor Frankl’s time in concentration camps is one example of how love can grow in awful situations.

The idea of choosing to come into a time of crisis may be a hard one to accept, but I invite you to explore it. On my new website, you’ll find more resources to help you explore the soul’s journey and start a dialogue with your soul.

What I’ve learned from asking my soul these questions is that my soul is curious, and wants to experience how it is to live in a time of upheaval and dissolution. It doesn’t expect us to save the situation, but it wants to learn how to stay centred and positive in an alarming era, and how to be loving and supportive to people and the planet when it’s tempting to be self-centred and focus on survival.

I’ve also found that dialogue with my soul can give me lots of practical resilience advice: for example, how much to limit my intake of bad news, how to process difficult feelings like alarm, and how to balance them with gratitude and trust.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been involved in group exploration of these topics, and I’ve found that there’s a lot of mutual support and wisdom to be found collectively. If this might interest you, see the Groups section of my new website.

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